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As you have read in previous post, finally I reached at the Surat Railway Station Now I going to tell you that what happen after with me.

As you know I want to go at Vadodara but because of fucking weather I miss my train which is abjectly my first choice.  But this time I am at fucking railway station but there is no train for my destination in between two and half hour, so I have no choice else to walk outside and wait for it.

I came outside and look around, there is a lot of traveler, Rickshaws, taxies and peoples, some of them are going to doing their job, some of for their home, some of for study in nearby universities. And I’m beigest Idiot who going for study 170 km far away from my home, this is such stupid thing at the end.

One of amazing characteristic of Indian railway stations is you can find out of every railway station a small stall of tea, people come here and speak “ Aapri ek cutting.” Still yet I haven’t find the proper meaning of this but tea make give him a tea, this stall is not illegal or not legal yet. Haaa….

But I have to pass my time so I walk out and observing around me, peoples, drivers, and traffic cops who are almost shouting on rickshaw drivers.

Then I see one man who is in uniform of any security agency and he is looking tired, so I think that may he has a night duty that for he is and now he is on the way of his house. As I am just walking around the station at one time I’m passing near from him, as I’m passing suddenly he spoke “Give me ten rupee I want tea.” I am socked and ask where are you came from? he replied that he is from Vadodara, I ask again are you not from your duty then why you are in this uniform? he replied he wear his brother’s uniform and just left home. I am already socked before I thought else I give him ten rupees and go away.

More we will talk latter how was this write in comment box and also share your stories…  

One Morning At Railway Station-2

I came out from my house at approximately 5:15 o’clock. This is earliest time to leave my home compare to previous.

My fingers are fluttering because of heavy cold I just started walking fast and I reach at rickshaw stand and waiting for rickshaw. I’m here because I have to kept a train for Vadodara.

Today I have to attend a viva for design engineering and for that external faculty appointed to take our viva. If I miss that I have to go another day to give viva. My friends are waiting for me there. They are already reach there as they are not believing in take risk about viva.

When I check my watch it shows 5:25 but till now we have not find any rickshaw for railway station may be it cause of heavy cold and its right decision for them because I filled that cold isn’t child play. My train is passed from my nearest station at 5: 59 o’clock and must catch it otherwise isn’t good for me.

Surround me, silence is noticed but I had seen two person come to close me, one is a young man and other is his may be six-year son.

They ask me why are you standing here?
Are you waiting for rickshaw?
I told him yes.
They told me, we are waiting for last hour but we have not seen one of them. I’m also a rickshaw driver but I have to go today Anand as I have to meet my brother there.

I said if we can’t get rickshaw in new 10 minute then maybe we left the train. He started to request car, truck what else passing from there but he can’t get any.

At last he told me I have number of some friends who drive the rickshaw on this root but I haven’t balance to make a call them. can you do that? I give you number.

(I thought I haven’t enough balance to make a call if I said I haven’t, he may have thought I don’t want to spend my balance there for I’m making excuses) instead of reject him I said sure let give number I called but I can’t reach because of law balance. I got voice from a service company that I haven’t enough balance.
I told him the person I have call is not answering my call. He mummer may he in sleep. After some minute he ask me for another call. I called but as before it can’t reachable again I told him he is not answering my call. He mummer what a hell going on.

In between I noticed his son I forget all about what situation in I’m. He frequently asks to his father papa lets fire some stuff around us lest get warm this is too cold. He doesn’t know what situation in we are he enjoyed in this also. And he jumps and walk on free road by seeing this all I forget about train.

I notice again my watch and it shows 5:33 o’clock. his father is looking like frighten calf but it because of train time and if we haven’t catch it means we have to go with local train and west or all day and I have to rich before 10:00 o’clock, this is only train which is reach on this time.

I haven’t got any ride till 5:55 so I thought that I have missed but what one rider is come on bike and he stop, we are three and rider total four people how can seat on one bike so I tell the person they go on bike I’m not coming with them but he continuously ordered me to come with them at last seat with them and driver ask me that where we are going the man said we are going to railway station and we have to catch this train he said it’s not possible to catch this train but we will try for it.

When we are rich at the station train just started to move but with us a small boy so we can’t run I’m also not because have to help that person I can’t left him alone, if I’m alone than surely I can catch the train but this time left it and it passed from the station.

The man arguing consist but it passed and we rich one tea stall he ordered for me also as I had finished it I put my hand in my pocket for pay for tea but he refused me and pay from me. His son tills now asking for fire some stuff finally his father fired some stuff and seat around it.

Train for Surat station come on platform as got idea let’s go there and catch another fast train for Vadodara and I run towards it and seat in it. I amazed when I see inside it there are hundreds of people and venders are talking and laughing at early morning. I thought how much they are happy with life and fully enjoying it. At around 6:30 o’clock I reach at Surat station.

One Morning at Railway Station-1

"Situations makes you perfect to live and love."
As you read my frustration increase with respect to time...

Suddenly I got call from my friend who are at Vadodara railway station. He told me the rain running let by three hours.
Oh no what hell going on this all. I have no another choice except sleep at platform because my house is too far from station. I walk away and trying to find a place where I can take rest. Because next day we have to travel around the whole Mumbai city and places which we had already decided. 

I haven't any ticket to travel and i am still at railway platform which is totally illegal so I have to hide myself from lot of ticket checkers who are in search of frighten calf like me.

Finally, I got the place near to the Dada Bhagwan contact stall and I seat there.
A small breakfast and junk food near from where I'm seat. One Cully come to close me and open a thick paper and place beside me slap as we sleep in our bad. I thought I have to try this but I recognized that my train is on way if I left that. Hundreds of thoughts are frustrating me at a time how can I fell in sleep.

My phone rung it's suffu. 
I’m: what about train ??
Saffu : maybe it come here at 12 o'clock.
I’m: what about my ticket and reservation?
Saffu : Don't worry. Go outside and book a general quota ticket.
I'm: I will not. I Manage it. (angrily)
I put a call.

I'm travel in sleeper coach it doesn't me to me but I want travel with my friends. I don't want to miss that filling to travel 100 of mile with friends.
Secondly I don't want to west money by buying a new ticket as I had already pay for it.
My phone rung it's saffu.
I’m: what happen??
Saffu: by a ticket for general quota we will talk to ticket checker.
I’m: I will not?
Saffu: as your wish, I think you fill comfort with us.
I'm: I will manage.

I hangout the call.
For some time, I rest and I got call that train was departing from Vadodara. I have big problem that I have to travel a long journey without ticket.
A lot of trains arrived and pass from Surat station I'm looking for my one. I'm am very hungry at that time around one o'clock. I had eaten something which I took from my home. And walk all the station a many times.

At last at 3:07 o'clock my train arrived and my heart beats fast...
What next...next time.

Comments below about your traveling and tell me if you have face situation like me...

First Time Travelling To Mumbai - 2

"Traveling is the best act to reboot your soul."

I had visit India's one of best city Mumbai during this month. The starting of my journey is very interesting for you and bad experience for me. I and my other five friends had decided to go Mumbai and enjoy after our submission of 3rd term of our engineering.

We had book tickets for comfort in slipper coach of Golden temple Express train. At the night of departure, I have to join from Surat station and others have from Vadodara. I reached 11:00 o'clock at Surat railway station as my train at twelve o'clock.

But I'm very worried about my ticket by mistake which is book for previous day of journey. Only one person is responsible for all this my friend saffu. I will tell you latter about he.

So I have no idea to think else ticket.
As time come to close my frustration growing more.
More next time.

Tell me about your journey in comments... And what I should do??

First Time Travelling To Mumbai

Life is very beautiful just we have to learn about our self. We have not any idea about our strength.

What we can’t do?
 we can fly over the sea, we can go out of the earth, we can make salty to pure water, we can go faster than sound, we can rich the height of Everest, we can talk with people threw out world, we can measure the weight of sun and earth, we can decide the life of sun, we can rich on moon, we can find water on mars, we can do anything.

Just know yourself you are the best in the world. I know you have invalid excuse that we don’t get the chance to present yourself properly. But this are excuses, doesn’t use it anymore. every new movement of your life is come with the precious chance for you only.

Please avoid to be man who have nothing except excuse, Others wise you have no time to do something.

Find Yourself